Here are the answers to the most common questions :

Why are delivery times so long ?

We work with Asian suppliers and this leads to significant delivery times. We prefer to focus on the quality of the products, rather than on the speed of delivery. On average, delivery times for USA are 12 to 21 days. 

What happens if I do not receive my package ?

Beyond 21 days, if you still have not received your package, we will refund you on request from you.

I only received one item on 3 of my order, is this normal ?

When you order multiple items in the same order, you receive multiple packages. These packages can arrive with a few days of shift.

How to exchange an article ?

For any exchange, please contact our customer support at the email address given at the bottom of this page. For any other questions, you can contact us at the following email address: support@aladinbest.com